A Vintage wedding on the West Coast

I met Emma and Lei in the month of April of last year, they were desperate to get married that fast! They wanted to have a “vintage” North American wedding without losing their Chinese traditions. They wanted two marriages and two destinations: the Canadian West Coast and Hong Kong. I shared stepping their wedding preparations and was fortunate to be present on the day J. I hope you to enjoy with the film, photos and the story.

Vintage wedding on the West Coast

In this beautiful Canadian sun, Emma and Lei were married June 29, 2013 at The Chapel of Minoru Park in Richmond. The architecture, the beauty and the coast “vintage” of the place contributed to the emotion of the ceremony. The lavender color with a soft touch of pastel pink for the bridesmaids and flower agreed very well “vintage” style that the couple wanted. The bridesmaid dresses were custom made here. A the entrance to the chapel all guests received a small box filled Chinese candy while his duet “Harp-Violion” welcomed them. Emma was splendid in her white wedding dress and Lei was amazed when he saw his wife for the first faith. See photos and video: the joy was spread everywhere!

After the ceremony photographers have captured the portraits of the family and witnesses and then everyone was invited to a Chinese restaurant. Emma and Lei did not want pictures during the reception for the wedding because North – American mattered was the ceremony. A truly happy moment that will be etched in their memory forever pout!

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