Wedding: The reaction of your husband will surprise you

Today is the long awaited moment. Doudou and when it gets you for life. You are so prepared that day that no detail is left to chance.

Most important to you today will be the best for your dear husband. You are confident, your wedding dress, your hair and your gait, the crack will for sure!

But you, what you fear the most is her reaction when you see out of the car and up the driveway.

The countdown started when you made ​​the request. Since that night, when his knee hit the ground, you count the days, nay, hours separating you from your relationship. You’ve thought of everything: the venue, the caterer, the guest list, the menu, the decor and even wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses.

Except it must be said, there is something that you constantly think. In the morning when you wake up until the evening before going to sleep, you worry about the reaction of your man when you see in your dress, dressed and beautiful as ever!

reaction of the groom when he see his bride in wedding dress

Obviously, you’d like it to be moved to tears. Moreover, viewing the scene perfectly: poetic and deeply moving! I still have a small “yes, but” to say you ladies. Yes, because Monsieur character of its own, so its reactions of its own. It may very well be moved without tears but with a smug smile, again, of its own. Do not worry too much right now because it will highlight any magic when he see you in beautiful wedding dress!

However, there is one thing you can expect, this is the time you choose to find yourself and discover you both. Some couples, in fact, prefer to proceed in the order of things is coming out of a Bentley Series 1 1958 beautiful (for example), or up the aisle with the romantic music of the moment.

Yes, it’s moving, and everyone can enjoy. Or …

Other couples have opted to take advantage of this special moment in two. Or rather 3 Yes, them with the photographer! I must say that the result is awesome and sometimes very moving.

So it’s a personal choice to do two ahead of the ceremony to capture this beautiful moment with Doudou!

As usual, I leave you with some pictures to make you cry in the cottages!

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