Trash the wedding dress: 8 reasons not to succumb to the trend “destruction of wedding dress”

In the United States, the new mode is damaging her wedding dress soon after the wedding, which seems rather odd …

Before, after a wedding, we carefully kept her dress hanging in a shelf. Now, the United States, some call for a photographer to destroy their image pretty dress. Diving in keeping meringue in the ocean water, mud, or paint jets into fuel to fire: all means are good to make this moment even more “memorable” and “funny.”

the trashed wedding dress

And they claim it’s “the last time we put this dress, so why not make him his birthday?” No. We found it really bad, for at least eight reasons.

1 / For respect of the wedding dress.

But seriously, given the time we spent to find this little nugget, which has a lot of work to be designed and maybe even retouched, we will not disrespect him in the spoiling! Wo! “My Chewie, Cristina Cordula she will not be happy!”

2 / Because it’s expensive.

Frankly, if the objective is to destroy psychologically to move to a “new life”, as put for sale on eBay to make pépettes, give or just settle for the rent! A wedding is super expensive with the wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses, so if we can save some money, or at least a nice gesture, it does not deny!

3 / Because we are romantic and sometimes we like to watch our pretty little dress.

When the corny humor praline or you might want to strangle the man you are, it reminds us how happy we were that special day. Boohoo …

4 / Because on a symbolic level, one finds it strange.

The wedding dress, it symbolizes the day of love, right? So why destroy it, the day of his wedding too? We could at least wait for the divorce, not (not funny joke)? In any case, this enthusiasm for the destruction of this symbol of love … definitely interested Freud Act late teenage rebellion? Schizophrenia “I’m corny because I’m getting married in wedding meringue” / “I’m not a big rebel corny because I destroy it?” Nihilism or repressed? Hum hum …

5 / Because we do not need to kill for fun.

When we were little, there were those who broke doing burn ants, others by building games. Now we’re all adults, we think it’s a lot better, healthier and more fulfilling to build or do silly things without breaking anything (or little things), rather than damage it. Strictly speaking, if we want to play rock’n'roll, we throw our empty glass of champagne back “to the Russian” shouting “Olé!” We made ​​a furious rock with our married or you enter the hall sneakers “skull” if the heart tells us. But DRESS MEGA EXPENSIVE AND VERY NICE, no no no!

6 / Because spending the evening covered in mud, sand or paint on the dress, face, underarms, it’s fairly enjoyable.

And at best, take a shower for 30 minutes to remove all that and change clothes, it deprives us of 30 minutes fiesta with everyone! I-NU-IT-LE.

7 / Because we can no longer return it later to “check it is still damn good.”

Uh …. What may be better in the end …

8 / Because soon it will be tacky.

Yes, for now it is “in” in the USA. But as tecktonik, it will quickly his time and we will look ridiculous in front of our zero pictures. “Hey Mom, why is your dress so pretty it is covered in paint on the photo as I did when I was 3 years old?” Uh …. um …

Finally, some advices offered for you to protect your wedding dress.

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